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The Spinner

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Chewigem have created a fashionable necklace that is perfect for children and adults that are mild to moderate chewers. The Spinner also makes an excellent aid for those that like to fidget.

The Spinner has been designed to help relieve stress and anxiety. The chew can also be used as a relaxing product for people that suffer from Sensory Processing Difficulties (SPD) and are can encourage focus.

The stimmable Spinner necklace is a classic design. It looks like a piece of jewellery you would typically wear and can, therefore, be discreetly used.

To add some fun, the inner button spins (one side grey and the other side dusky pink) within the outer circle.

The Spinner is made from medical-grade silicone items and is completely free of latex and BPA lead. The Spinner is also smell free, so no nasty surprises whatsoever!

The breakaway clasp and cord should not be chewed and is purely provided to hold the pendant in place, so please bear this in mind when purchasing. If you think your child will tend to chew the clasp, then it would be better to find a chewing aid without a cord, such as a bangle.

The Spinner can be easily cleaned with soap and hot water. It can also be placed into a dishwasher on the top level for an extra thorough clean, which will keep your necklace virus and bacteria-free. We recommend that the cord is removed before a dishwasher clean.

We strongly recommend not to pull too hard on the cord while the pendant is being chewed, as this will add an extra force on the hole where the cord passes through and might cause rips and tears.

After normal wear and tear, you might spot some damage. If you do, please throw away your necklace and replace it with a new one.

The Spinner isn't suitable for children under 36 months of age, due to long cord and a strangulation risk

The cord and bespoke breakaway clasp are very comfortable to wear. The clasp has been designed to separate after approximately 2.3kgs (5lbs) of pressure.

This product is not suitable for children under 36 months due to the long chord.

There are lots of other Chewigem sensory products available on our website that make fantastic stim and fidget aids. They come in all shapes, sizes, flexibility and textures – take a look!

Measurements: 14cm (5.5 inch) x 2cm (0.8 inch) x 14cm (5.5 inch)