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Perspex Slope Board

Perspex Slope Board

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The Perspex Slope Board helps children to maintain an upright sitting posture and a more extended wrist position while writing. An angled writing surface is highly recommended by Occupational Therapists and Optometrists.

  • 20 degree angle
  • Light weight, strong and portable
  • Can be used by left or right handers
  • Rubber stoppers at base to prevent board from slipping
  • Large flat clip at the top to prevent paper or books from sliding off


  • Allows for good visual contact
  • Helps build dexterity and improve handwriting
  • Improves fine motor control
  • Can assist in changing inappropriate pencil grip by changing the supination and pronation of the wrist
  • Helps child automatically assume a more upright posture prompted by a raised shoulder girdle; combined with corrected neck posture, can improve breathing to create better focus

Safety Features

  • Rubber stoppers help prevent sliding

Specs for Slope Board


36cm x 38cm

2.4 lbs