Oil Slick Metal spinning cube Fidget

Oil Slick Metal spinning cube Fidget

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This is a lovely weighted product that is very soothing as it rotates when you spin it.

can be pulled apart - two smaller spinning sections held by magnetic force. Easily clips back together.

Very satisfying!

Kaiko Fidget sensory tools can assist with...

  • Supporting mental health & reducing anxiety
  • Emotional regulation & sensory input
  • Focus & concentration - great study or work tool
  • Tactile awareness & desensitisation
  • Hand function – improving fine motor, strength & circulation
  • Managing stress
  • Active listening - can increase focus & attention
  • Reducing unhelpful habits - such as nail biting, smoking, tapping, hair twirling, pen clicking & leg bouncing etc.
  • Sensory seeking substitution - finding a more socially acceptable outlet for sensory preferences


Not suitable for children under three years old.