A book cover with an illustration of two children with light skin tone. One has brown pigtails and is smiling while extending both of their hands towards the other child. The other child is extending a hand to keep them at a distance, with their other hand is on their hip. They have shoulder length blonde hair and their eyes are closed.

No Hugs!

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No Hugs! by Deirdre A Prischmann and Sarah Jennings (2019)

"A lighthearted take on consent and body autonomy."--School Library Journal 

Alice and Zara are the best of friends. Alice LOVES hugs. Zara really doesn't. Will their friendship survive? In our new world of physical distancing, understanding personal space and getting permission to get close are more important than ever. Even though they disagree, Alice never forces a hug on Zara--she always asks first. Alice gets frustrated, but the two friends work through their differences. Written by debut picture book author Deirdre Prischmann and illustrated with expressive characters designed by Sarah Jennings, No Hugs! is a perfect springboard for talking about feelings, consent, and body autonomy with young children.

ISBN: 9781681524153
Publisher: Amicus Ink
Age Range:
Hardcover Edition