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The cover of a book showing a child with leg prostheses kicking a soccer ball, a child with an arm prosthesis painting, a child with one leg prosthesis rock climbing, and a child showing their hands, one of which is a prosthesis.

New Hands, New Life: Robots, Prostheses and Innovation

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New Hands, New Life: Robots, Prostheses and Innovation by Jan Andrysek and Alex Mihailidis (2017)

Everyone uses machines in our daily life -- cars, buses and bikes; computers and phones; washing machines and dryers. Another type of machine is an "assistive technology". These enable a man missing a leg to walk, a woman missing an arm to hold objects, and a child in a wheelchair to play a sport.

New Hands, New Life offers young readers the opportunity to learn how our bodies work during physical activity and what happens when they don't work properly. It shows how exciting advances in technology and science have allowed us to create assistive technologies -- from artificial limbs and wheelchairs to exoskeletons and robots -- that make it possible for someone with a disability to make new abilities. Assistive technologies are especially life-changing for a child who can overcome the challenges of a missing limb or reduced motor function to enjoy a life of learning and play that would be otherwise out of reach.

Topics include:

• The emergence of robotics
• Anatomy and physiology related to movement and activity, including motor control
• Why some children need help to move or do things
• Different types of challenges (e.g., walking, interacting with environment)
• Diseases, trauma and disabilities that affect movement
• Working together with robots
• Making robots (robotics clubs, LEGO toys, other kits)
• 3-D printing of prostheses for growing children.

The book features case studies that follow the design and fitting of assistive technologies. There are pictures of the labs, robots, and researchers working to develop new machines, along with a brief history of prosthetics and a survey of medical-engineering work currently underway in many countries.


ISBN: 9781770859913
Publisher: Firefly Books
Reading Age: 9-12 years