The book cover, with an illustration of a child with light skin tone, short blonde hair, and blue eyes smiling and sitting in an electric wheelchair. Their hand is on a remote control and they are behind an arts and crafts table.

My Life with Cerebral Palsy

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My Life with Cerebral Palsy by Mari C. Schuh and Ana Sebastián (2022)

Meet Charles! He likes music and being with his family. He also has cerebral palsy. Charles is real and so are his experiences. Learn about his life in this illustrated narrative nonfiction picture book for elementary students. Kids are naturally curious about differences and disabilities. Charles sheds light on his life, with the help of experienced children's author Mari Schuh. Because cerebral palsy makes it hard to control his muscles, Charles uses a wheelchair at school, and he does some things differently than able-bodied people. Let Charles tell you a little about his life. Colorful, realistic illustrations and a dyslexic-friendly font promote accessibility. Includes tips for kids about interacting with someone who has cerebral palsy.

ISBN: 9781645494515
Publisher: Amicus
Reading Age: 6-9 years
Paperback Edition