The book cover, with an illustration of a child with a medium-light skin tone, short black hair, and glasses, wearing a striped shirt. They are smiling, holding a toy crane and standing in a school setting.

My Life with Autism

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My Life with Autism by Mari C. Schuh and Ana Sebastian (2020)

Zen loves to draw and play video games. He also has autism. Zen is real and so are his experiences. Learn about his life in this illustrated narrative nonfiction picture book for elementary students. Kids are naturally curious about differences and disabilities. Zen sheds light on his life, with the help of experienced children's author Mari Schuh. Zen is not defined by his condition, but he does some things differently than neurotypical people. Beautiful illustrations and a dyslexic-friendly font promote accessibility. Includes tips for kids about interacting with someone who has autism.

ISBN: 9781681526393
Publisher: Amicus