A display of the double sided board, 20 magnets, 50 stickers, dry erase marker, and travel bag.agnets,

My Day for School Magnetic Daily Schedule

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Easy Daysies My Day For School Visual Schedule is a visual magnetic daily schedule ages 6 and above. 

  • Features a reward system
  • Portable and can be personalized
  • Ages 6-12


  • Visual routines are proven to help kids have smoother event transitions
  • Helps alleviate anxiety and establish consistency
  • Helps kids establish good life habits that stick
  • Kids become more cooperative, independent, and confident with use
  • Supports kids executive functioning

Specs for My Day


   A 2-sided magnetic board (English on one side, French on the other)

    20 Magnets:

  • 10 printed task magnets
  • 10 blank magnets for


    50 Permanent Stickers:

  • 20 task stickers in English
  • 30 task stickers in French

    Dry-Erase Marker

    Magnet Storage Pouch