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Keyboard Sensory Wall

Keyboard Sensory Wall

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Add this keyboard to a sensory wall, classroom, hallway, playroom, or any other area areas you would like to provide an interactive activity. Practice typing your name, use to communicate when verbal communication is difficult, have fun guessing what message your friend is typing; so many ways to use this fun keyboard.

Size: Approximately 27” w x 15”h

  • Tear-resistant
  • Non-slip laminate available
  • Scuff-resistant
  • Easy to apply 

Sensory walls are excellent additions to schools, daycares, gyms, and homes. Brighten up your halls and waiting rooms in pediatric offices, doctor offices, therapy, dental and more. 

Sensory walls can ease anxiety, distract from worry, provide heavy work, and fun when it might otherwise be a stressful situation. By giving an opportunity for sensory regulation, processing the environment can become easier and less dysregulated. 

All paths and wall decals can be combined to provide an interactive and regulating activity. Kids have difficulty staying in line or keeping their hands to themselves; use sensory paths to engage the proprioceptive, vestibular, tactile, visual, and auditory senses. Give opportunity for sensory input to help mitigate maladaptive behaviors in the classroom. 

Decals come with a standard gloss laminate (covering). Non-Slip laminate is available, please add 25%.

Prices are minimum for each set, please ask about our larger or custom sizes available!