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Kaiko - Wrist Spikey
Kaiko - Wrist Spikey
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Kaiko - Wrist Spikey

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Kaiko’s Wrist Spikey is a stretchy metal bracelet that can be used for fidgeting or tactile input.

  • Roll up and down arm, pull tight, or use as a fidget

  • Ages 3+


  • Helps with self-regulation
  • Great for support to reduce self-harm by providing the “hurt without the harm”
  • Helps improve focus 
  • Excellent for those who need high sensory input

Need Fulfilled

  • Tactile input

Specs for Wrist Spikey

2.4 oz

Black powder coated carbon steel metal that is 'woven' to be stretchy and flexible

Size chart

SMALL: 12.5 cm length - super intense for adults or for tiny child wrists.

MEDIUM: 14.5cm length - this is a great size for intense input for adult wrists to use as needed, then take off.

LARGE: 17 cm length - For all day wear for younger children or for petite wrists.

XL: 20.5cm length for the XL - usually this is the best size for ALL DAY wear for most teens & adults.

XXL: 24cm length -This is suitable for ankles and very large wrist

Product Warning

The spikey material is not designed to be over stretched/ over extended using both hands. If overstretched it will become out of shape and not return to its original form. Thus, not suitable for those that like to pull at things with two hands, like to pull things apart or generally like to test limits of products.

Monitor use when appropriate.