Ivan’s Hinge

Ivan’s Hinge

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Ivan’s Hinge - Where Fun and Brilliance Converge!

Articulating joints bend hither and yon. Your hands fly out of boredom and into action while your mind follows right along. 

Manipulate the swinging, hinged pieces of Ivan’s Hinge. What starts out as simple pleasure in flexing vivid pieces and sections leads to a head-scratching challenge when you attempt to match one of the brilliant pattern cards. 

Knit together a solution in your mind - Then, play it out by folding looping, turning and bending. All wrong? Untwist, unleavened, unwind, and try it again!

Finally, you’ll alight on a solution. Then, Aha! Another! After just a couple of successes, you’ll be aiming to wrap your mind around a solution for all 56 pattern card included!

Match you creation to the pattern pictures once, and you’ll resolve to re-solve Ivan’s Hinge again and again!

Its an irresistible-fidgety toy and fast-forming fun all packed into one!

While playing through the collection of tricky and baffling brain teasers, you’ll understand several things:

  1. When colors and patterns align the way you envision them - it's a beautiful thing. 
  2. When they don’t - bending, folding, turning, and looping Ivan’s Hinge is still addictive.
  3. Ivan Moscovich, the celebrated puzzle creator, is indeed a genius.

Unhinge an adventure of tactile, brain-boasting excitemint with the amazing, brilliant, and genius Ivan’s Hinge.