A display of the items included in the Hanukkah Sensory Play Dough Play Kit.

Hanukkah Sensory Play Dough Play Kit

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Earth Grown KidDough’s Hanukkah Sensory Play Dough Play Kit is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season! Whether this play kit makes its premiere with your Elf on the Shelf, a holiday party, or a stocking stuffer, kids are sure to have a jingle ball.Make a Hanukkah menorah, light the candles, give gifts, play dreidel, and count your gelt!

  • 8 oz of Blue (Sufganiyot Scented) KidDough, Menorah Dough Cutter, 9 Candles, 2 Dreidels, 4 Gelt Coins, 2 Present Boxes
  • Last for hundreds of hours of play (12 months on average), but wash out easily with just warm water
  • If the dough dries out, simply knead to rehydrate
  • KidDoughs contain naturally antimicrobial salt and essential oils, helping to control germs during play, and can be fully heat sanitized in the microwave


  • Supports sensory integration and tactile seeking habits
  • Helps develop fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and planning skills
  • Imaginative play
  • Improves mood and focus

Need Fulfilled

  • Tactile and olfactory input

Safety Features

  • Non-toxic food grade ingredients
  • Nut free, soy free, vegan and totally taste safe

Specs for Hanukkah Sensory Play Dough Play Kit

Wheat Flour, Salt, Canola Oil, Cream of Tartar, Water, Food Coloring, Organic Potassium Sorbate, and Natural Fragrance

10.8 oz