A deck of cards, 8 of which show various illustrations of different children doing activities like "Pop the Bubbles," "Sweep the Floor," and "Noodle Walk"

Move and Balance Activity Deck

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Fun and Function’s Move and Balance Activity Deck presents instructions and illustrations to help get kids moving. Each playful activity presented engages the body and muscles. Hop like a kangaroo, pedal a pretend bike on your back or walk like a crab! Use at home or in school for a sensory break, for self-regulation, and to carry over therapy protocols.

  • Includes 45 laminated cards
  • Ages 4+ 


  • Helps develop gross motor skills and balance
  • Helps develop core muscles and encourages movement
  • Improves focus and mood

Need Fulfilled

  • Proprioceptive input

Safety Features

  • Activity cards have been tested by an independent and accredited third-party lab
  • Meet or exceed government safety standards for flammability, lead, soluble heavy metals and physical and mechanical hazards

Specs for Activity Deck

Dimensions of Cards
3"L x 5"W

3 oz