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Bathing Bliss Water Course

Bathing Bliss Water Course

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HABA’s Bathing Bliss Water Course makes bath time a rollicking adventure. The water ball, with cheerfully rattling integrated marbles, zips around the spiral curve, plops into the seesaw bucket and tumbles out on the other side. Children can design the ball's course themselves, as the water track elements can be arranged endless different ways.

  • Comes with 1 spiral curve, 1 seesaw bucket, 1 track, 1 ladle and 1 water ball
  • Compatible with all bathtub ball track sets and accessories.
  • Ages 3+


  • Children use problem solving and cause and effect skills to build tracks 
  • Introduce STEM concepts by asking children about what changing the position of the pieces will do to the movement of the ball
  • Creates opportunities for imaginative play in the bath

Need Fulfilled 

  • Visual and tactile input

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14.4 oz

8.3 x 4.8 x 10 in