Backyard Blast - 30' Waterslide With Pool

Backyard Blast - 30' Waterslide With Pool

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Squirrel Products' Backyard Blast Big Waterslide has two separate lanes perfect for racing and is big enough for any get-together. Holes in the middle divider spray water onto the track, and the splash zone at the end makes a fun finish line.

  • Connects to any garden hose
  • Built in sprinkler
  • Comes with 10 u-shaped stakes, stake carrying bag, slide with splash zone
  • Heavy duty tarp material and reinforced stake connections mean fewer tears
  • Set up and take down is quick and easy thanks to the u-shaped stakes
  • Ages 8+

In store pick-up only.


  • A fun way to receive some proprioceptive input
  • Encourages development of balance and coordination
  • When used with other children, can promote social and emotional learning

Need Fulfilled

  • Proprioceptive and vestibular input

Specs for Waterslide

Slide: 25' x 6'
Splash Zone: 8.5' x 5'

12.52 lbs