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The Textured Bite-N-Chew Tip.

Textured Bite-N-Chew Tip

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ARK’s Textured Bite-N-Chew Tip XL is a tip attachment for the Z-Vibe or the Z-Grabber specially designed to work on biting and chewing oral motor skills.

At 2.5 inches total in length (2 inches long when inserted into a Z-Vibe handle), this tip can reach all the way to the back molar area for chewing exercises and/or for sensory input.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in USA

This item cannot be returned. 


  • This tip can reach all the way back to the back molar area for chewing exercises and sensory input
  • The cylindrical shape has gentle bumps to help "wake up" the mouth, de-sensitize, provide tactile input, and work on texture acceptance
  • Use it to practice a variety of oral motor skills, such as jaw strength, jaw stability, biting/chewing skills, a sustained bite, and more

Needs Fulfilled

  • Oral motor input

Safety Features

  • Lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, and latex free
  • Medical grade and FDA compliant 

Specs for Textured Bite-N-Chew Tip

.7 oz