A Letter to My Therapists: What is wrong with me?

My first question when I walked into each of your offices…What is wrong with me?

colorful eye mask on black background with the words "Drop the mask"

I am so happy that you were so adamant that I am great just the way I am. You asserted, "Nothing is wrong with you," and "Your viewpoint needs to change." I was told it wasn't a healthy viewpoint. You were right.

But can I tell how unhelpful that was?

Do you want to know why? 

Because I am different. And no, that's not wrong. But people treat me as though it is wrong.

So, in a world where everyone treated me as though I was wrong, you are telling me I wasn't wrong, didn't do anything. We avoid labels like ADHD, OCD, Autism, PTSD like the plague. It enforced, that even you, see them as a badge of everything I can't do.

That is not how I see it. I see those "badges" as an explanation of why something that is easy for others may not be for me. I see an opportunity to find ways to work with my brain. I see an opportunity to find community.

Since I've been "labeled" I have been able to shift my life in a way that has improved it in every facet. Does my life look traditional? No. But I'm happy. And isn't that what we all want?

So no, there may not be anything "wrong" with me but there definitely was an explanation of why I felt that way.



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